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Enrico Benzing, Mario Benzing's son, was born in Milan on June 17, 1932. He has been journalist since 1951, having begun when he was still a student.  He was contributor of "Moto", "Motitalia", "Stadio"; in 1956 he was Editor of "Auto-Moto". After the studies of engineering and aerodynamics, he wrote for about twenty years for the newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport", gathering the heritage of Giovanni Canestrini and becoming Motoring-Editor as well as F.1 races reporter. Since 1974 he has written for "Il Giornale", founded in that year by Indro Montanelli. 
Technical Scrutineer of the
Italian Motorcycling Federation especially during the Italy Moto-Tours in '53, '54 and '56, from 1978 until 1980 he was member of the Technical Commission of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. In 1956 he has won the U.S.S.I. Prize for Technical Subjects and in 1963 the first edition of the "Dino Ferrari" Prize, for his articles published by "La Gazzetta dello Sport". In 1977 he has won the "Premiolino" for a scoop about Enzo Ferrari, published by "Il Giornale". In 1981 he has won the "Sanremo e l'automobile
" Prize; in 1990 the Skf Formula 1 Prize; 1992 the "Palumbo" Career-Prize; in 1999 the Motor-Monza Prize; in 2003 the U.I.G.A. Career-Prize. 
He is member of the British "
Society of Engineers" (now "Iet"). As an expert in aerodynamics, he has designed many wings for race cars, also Formula 1; he has published books about engine-technology, aerodynamics, monographs and catalogues of several cars and production lines. Fond of classical music, he loves particularly Bach and the Baroque period. He has just published his new treatise about engines and aerodynamics for racing cars


















It has just been published the new edition of "Ali / Wings. Progettazione e applicazione su auto da corsa. Their design and application to racing car", a bilingual treatise of aerodynamics for F1 and other racing cars with a new chapter about the «Computational Fluid Dynamics»
The book


In this new technical treatise, "Formula 1: evoluzione, tecnica, regolamento", Giorgio Nada Editore, Enrico Benzing goes over the history of Formula One through its rechnical regulations.
The book


In the Honour Hall of the Milan Automobil Club, Enrico Benzing took part, on  May, 28th 2005, to the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Alberto Ascari's death and to the presentation of the volume "Ascari. Un mito italiano" by Cesare De Agostini and Gianni Cancellieri (Giorgio Nada Publisher)


In presence of Roberto Formigoni, President of Lombardy, the special career-prize of the Milan Automobil-Club has been awarded to Enrico Benzing on February, 23rd 2005. In the photo: Enrico Benzing and the President of Automobil-Club Ludovico Grandi during the prize-giving.


«From Aerodynamic to Power in Formula 1: Half a Century of Engines 
in Analysis», Giorgio Nada Publisher, a recent treatise by Enrico Benzing

The Book with the Preface by Sergio Pininfarina